At Happy Talk, we believe in training and empowering parents/caregivers and staff with the right attitude, appropriate knowledge and skills on communication to help them create a supportive and inclusive learning environment for the child(ren). We recognise the pivotal role that you play in your child’s learning and believe that you can make a difference to your child’s communication with the right kind of support.

We provide a range of workshops, and certificate training programs for parents/caregivers and staff that can be conveniently run at your organisation. At Happy Talk, we have the accreditation and the experience to be able to conduct quality intensive training programs to parents/caregivers and staff at your organisation:

  • It Takes Two to Talk (for parents of children with communication/language delay)
  • More Than Words (for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder)
  • Learning Language & Loving It (for early childhood educators & teachers)
  • Teacher Talk (for early childhood educators & teachers)
  • Westmead Feelings Program (for parents & staff supporting children with autism and mild intellectual disability)
  • Key Word Sign & Gesture (Australia) (for parents & staff supporting children with communication difficulties)

We accept bookings for training throughout the year of course, but it can help to plan ahead if you have specific dates or times in mind. As the workshops are tailor-made to meet the needs of your organization and/or if you have a specific request, please contact us on +65 6776 0813 and/or email


Key Word Sign & Gesture (KWS&G) is a communication approach where signs for key words are used as the person speaks at the same time. KWS&G is used by persons with complex communication needs, as well as the communication partners who interact with them. KWS&G is one form of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) approach. Using Key Word Sign, your child can then at least convey his/her message across, hence reducing frustration and communication breakdowns.

Basic Key Word Sign Workshop

At Happy Talk, we are qualified to be able to conduct Key Word Sign Training workshops. Please contact us if you would like us to conduct a Basic Key Word Sign Workshop at your organisation/centre, and for details of the program description.

The BASIC Key Word Sign & Gesture Workshop provides an introduction to the use of key word signing as a form of total communication approach. Basic workshops assume no previous sign experience. During the workshop, participants will be taught the ‘when’, ‘how’ and ‘why’ of using signs and gestures to develop/facilitate communication skills.

The workshop aims to equip participants with the fundamental knowledge and skills to be able to use KWS&G effectively and efficiently. The workshop is interactive and provides participants with many opportunities in hand-on practice and use of key word sign in activities. The number of participants per group is usually kept small (no more than 15 participants) due to the nature of the workshop where signing accuracy is involved.

Refresher/Advanced Key Word Sign Workshop

REFRESHER Workshops are for those who have basic signing skills (i.e. have at least attended the Basic Workshop) but would need to revise the BASIC background information, increase their vocabulary and practice sign fluency. Teaching strategies and practical hints are included. Refresher workshops are typically organized upon request following the presentation of a BASIC workshop, and its content can be specifically catered to its participants.