Oilinks Company Pte Ltd recently engaged Bold Interior to renovate our new office at #19-01 Shaw House and are pleased that it was a job well done in many respects.

From the proposal stage, we could see that Bold was very meticulous in itemising every single detail in a very transparent manner. Their layout diagram was clear and professionally done. During the finalisation of the layout, the team responded to our requested changes in a timely manner and shared with us their opinions. Along the way, 2D mock-up pictures were generated so we had a good visualisation of the final product.

The work progress tracked very closely to the work schedule and it was completed well in time. Patrick and his team were also pretty sharp on their numbers and are not into quoting a high number just for negotiating it down later. They were sharp and straight to the point.

A further important point to add is that for other services where Bold was not able to provide directly, they referred us to good vendors who were just as eager and responsive to our job requirements. These people include Jason of Bell Solutions for the communication equipment, and Danny of Trafford Consulting for IT hardware and support.

All in all, it was very pleasant to work with the Bold team. Hopefully more interior people can emulate them to raise the service bar of this industry, as most people view engaging renovation people more as an anguishing necessity where miscommunications, cost overrun & running behind schedule are par for the course.

Personally, I write more complains than compliments, but I felt it’ll not do Patrick’s team justice if I do not write this commendation, simply because they deserve it.

Thanks to the Bold Team for a job well done.

Peh Chwee Hoe
Trading & Operations Manager
Oilinks Company Pte Ltd

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